Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

This prestigious scheme is well known for introducing young people to new challenges in life and they now include handbell ringing in their list of programme ideas for new skills. "Developing a skill helps you get better at something you are really interested in and gives you the confidence and ability to use this skill both now and later in life."

Joining with a handbell team can introduce you you to:

  • Composing
  • Evaluating music & musical performances
  • Listening to, analysing & describing music
  • Music appreciation
  • Playing a musical instrument
  • Playing in a band
  • Reading & notating music
  • Understanding music in relation to history & culture

... all aspects suggested by the DofE scheme

But also, joining a handbell team would give you the opportunity to participate in a group musical activity without the need to learn any complex fingering or techniques associated with other instruments. You can learn to play quite complex music quickly, and focus on the team skills required, listening and playing sensitively rather than the mechanical skills of learning to play an other instrument.

If you would be interested in joining a handbell team to learn this absorbing skill or if you are a DofE leader and would like to offer your group the opportunity to ring with a team, please contact the National Secretary. You can see where HRGB teams are situated on our map of teams and many have their own website or facebook page - see the Team links page