Ringing with Scouts

Ringing with Cubs and Scouts

There are no longer specific bellringing interest badge for Scouts but young people can still take up ringing toward a Hobbies badge: 

A hobby is any activity you do regularly (in your leisure time) for enjoyment. 

  1. Over three months, be actively involved in a hobby of your choice.
  2. Show and explain to your leader what equipment, materials and background information you have used to take part in your hobby including any safety rules.
  3. Talk about your hobby including why you have chosen it and what you enjoy about it.
  4. Talk to your leader about how you plan to develop your hobby, interest or skill in the future.

Ringing could also count toward The Creative Challenge Award:

  1. Over a period of time, take part in at least four creative activities. Some of these should be new to you. You could try:
    • music
    • photography
    • wood or metalwork
    • needlework
    • cooking
    • website design
    • dance.
  2. Show that you have developed your skills in one of these activities. Show that you know how to use any equipment safely.
  3. Use your creative ability to produce something that promotes a Scouting activity or an event.
  4. Construct a model using materials like a plastic kit or recycled items. Alternatively, make a useful item from wood, metal or plastic.
  5. Show how to use social media or the internet in a creative and safe way. Explain why it’s important to use them safely.
  6. Take part in a performance. You could try:
    • magic tricks
    • gymnastics display
    • campfire sketch
    • street dance
    • plays
    • concerts

If you are involved in the Scouting movement and would like to explore opportunities for handbell ringing or perhaps just arrange a ‘taster’ session where a handbell leader brings in some bells for an evening, please contact the National Secretary who will try to find a local handbell team.