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Used Bells and Chimes etc. for Sale

These advertisements are accepted in good faith but HRGB accepts no liability for their accuracy.  To advertise please email with text and up to 4 photographs if available.

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Seller's comments: "WOW!! That happened quickly, we had an enquiry within one day and they’ve sold.  We’re delighted and hopefully they will be too. Please could you take the advert down as we’ve had a number of other enquiries and I don’t want to keep disappointing people.  It just shows the level of interest that there is at the moment though. Thank you so much for placing the advert, it really did the trick!"...

"I thought that I may struggle to pass them on but a very quick result thanks to you"

HRGB Members are reminded that interest free loans may be available via WHMF to assist with the purchase of bell sets.

Sellers: please advise us when the items are no longer available so we can remove the ad from the site. Adverts are kept online for a maximum of 2 years but may be reinstated at the request of the seller.

3 Octave set of Malmark handbells  Details

16 English handbells for sale  Details

3 and a half octaves of Malmark handbells  Details

Set of 8 Refurbished English Bells Details

3 octaves of Warner bells for restoration Details

25 Note Belleplate Set Details

Malmark 3-octave chromatic (37 bells) set Details

Collection of 20 handbells​ Details

Malmark 4th Octave Add-on Set Details

79 Whitechapel handbells from 29C Details

95 Petit and Fritsen handbells Details

18 Shaw bells needing restoration Details

3 1/2 octaves of Mears bells Details

2 1/2 octaves of English bells Details - Price reduced

5 Whitechapel bells wanted Details

3 Octaves of Taylor handbells Details

3 and a half octaves of Malmark handbells Details

Bargain! 4 and a half octaves of Whitechapel bells for sale Details