Audio Archive

HRGB Archive Audio Collection

The HRGB Archive has collected many audio items in various forms. The oldest of these is a selection of reel-to-reel tape recordings made in the 1970’s. All the tapes were made by members. The quality of the recordings varies but it should be remembered that the technology on audio recording has advanced considerably since the time of recording.

The tapes are beginning to show signs of their age and therefore it was necessary to transfer these recordings into a format that would not degrade and that would be more easily accessible. Each of the tapes has been transferred into digital format, thus creating an archive that should not degrade but retaining the original tapes.

In the process of making this transfer it was also necessary to catalogue the contents as many of the tapes did not contain the details of either the event at which they were recorded, the teams taking part or the music played. With the help of past copies of Reverberations, regional newsletters and records obtained from members’ personnel archives it has been possible to provide the majority of this detail. There are still occasional gaps in the names of participating teams and music played.