Booking National Events

National events are normally organised by a small group of ringers working within a Region or, for events such as National Ringing Week or UK Bronze by an individual ringer. Each event has its own characteristics and constraints so there is not a universal booking method.  

Regions may choose to use the online booking system available as part of the Membership system (although this does have some limitations), or they prefer to use a local online booking system on their own website, over which they have more control or even elect to use a simpler 'manual' system.  Whichever is appropriate, details of the event and how to book will be given in Reverberations and on the Website. 

Booking for 2024 UK Bronze is open - see pdf below for details.

Payments may be made via the HRGB Shop (Paypal or Credit Card) here

Standard terms and conditions of booking apply to all HRGB events