How to absorb new ringers into an established team

It can be very difficult for a new member to join and become an established member of the team, for a number of reasons:

* The other members are all well established and competent ringers and the new member may not have as much musical knowledge or experience.

* The new member may be significantly younger/older than the rest of the team and that can be intimidating.

* The new member may have much more musical knowledge and/or experience than the established members - and maybe even the group's musical director!

There are other reasons that may be covered during the webinar as well.

Hopefully attendees will have questions that the panel will give their answers and suggestions to. The panel will also pass on some information about how they have managed to incorporate new members into their teams.

It would be good if some questions could be submitted before the day to me (Michael Johnson - I can then forward to the panel members to give them time to formulate their answers etc.

Panel: Beth McCord, Kate Worthington and John Atkinson;  Chair: Mike Johnson

Jul 16th, 2024 from  7:00 PM to  8:30 PM
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