Covid Related Precautions Policy

In relation to Covid-related precautions, HRGB policy from 2 October 2021 is as follows

Organisers of events:-

  1. Should ensure that they identify the aspects of their events that could cause the spread of Covid, using the Risk Assessment for the venue if one is available, and take sensible steps to mitigate these.
  2. Should continue to use recognised barriers to the spread of Covid even if no longer required by government regulations, such as the provision of hand sanitisers, the use of masks indoors, inviting participants to take a lateral flow test in the 24 hours before attending and the use of social distancing, and must make it clear in event advertising which of these provisions will be used on the day.
  3. Should ensure that anyone with symptoms of Covid does not attend.

In addition, Event Organisers should discuss the precautionary measures they plan to take with other ringers – for example, ringers who have attended other events, Regional Committee members or NEC members – in order to decide on precautionary measures that are as effective, relevant and non-discriminatory as possible.

This policy will be reviewed in the light of changing government guidelines.