Covid Vaccination Policy

Covid Vaccinations

The question has been asked: "Can event organisers insist that only people who have been vaccinated against Covid are able to participate in their event?"

I have discussed this with National and Regional officers and our view is that event organisers cannot place that condition upon participation.  This is for at least three reasons:-

  • it's an individual's right to decide whether they are vaccinated or not, and their reasons might be medical or religious;
  • not everyone has been offered the vaccine yet, and it's unlikely that that will be the case until the autumn of this year or even later;
  • in any case, being vaccinated does not prevent people from either catching the disease or passing it on to other people.

For these reasons the only precautions that event organisers can insist upon, are those precautions that the national government (or local government in their area) and venue is insist upon at the time - masks, open windows, social distancing, hand sanitization, and so on.

This situation may change when everyone has been offered a vaccination but probably will not because the first and third reasons noted above will still be valid.