Healthy Ringing

Pre-ringing Warm Up

Whenever you've been away from ringing, whether for just a few days or for a longer period (such as during the Covid19 lockdown) it is good idea to 'warm up' before starting.  Athletes do it and know that it's essential to prepare the body's muscles and respiratory system so as to remain healthy and injury free.

Susan Berry from Detroit, Michigan USA, in her book Healthy Ringing, covers this topic exhaustively and it is recommended reading for ringers, leaders and teachers.

Susan has kindly given HRGB special permission to reproduce part of her book which was published separately as a laminated guide to 'Spontaneous Stretching'.  Copies of the book are available from Handbell Services Inc or Handbell World in the USA and through Amazon and other good book sellers in the UK.  The laminated insert, which is ideal for ringers to keep in their music binders, is marketed by Handbell Services as a 'sheet lifter'.

So please, when you return to ringing, take a few minutes to go through these exercises, remembering:

  • If you've had any recent surgery or muscle injury, to first consult your doctor or health care professional
  • Breathe slowly and steadily throughout
  • Stop if you feel any discomfort
  • Hold each position for 10 seconds and then relax - if it feels good, repeat it.