The International Handbell Committee

The International Handbell Committee was formed in 1990 to set standards and goals for the biannual International Handbell Symposium.
The committee is made up of the presidents and other representatives of the Guilds that currently rotate in hosting the event –

  • The Handbell Ringers of Japan,
  • The Handbell Society of Australasia,
  • The Korean Handbell Association,
  • Handbell Musicians of Canada,
  • The Handbell Ringers of Great Britain,
  • The Handbell Association of Hong Kong,
  • Handbell Musicians of America,
  • Handbell Ringers of Singapore

International Handbell Committee – Mission Statement
The Mission Statement of the International Handbell Committee is the promotion of the art of handbell ringing throughout the world.

"We, the International Handbell Committee, share a passion for the love of music expressed through handbells. As the International Committee dedicated to this art, we articulate our vision for the future to promote:

1. Communication between nations,
2. Handbells as a musical art,
3. World peace through the spirit of music"

HRGB have organised three international Symposia - in Exeter, Birmingham and Liverpool. 

Below: Group photograph from Vancouver Symposium