Latest News

December 2021

NE Region - The closing date for the Rally has passed and we are ‘full’; for any enquires please email

October 2021

Bookings for UK Bronze (October 2022) are now open. See here

NEC - October 2021

An updated Policy for Organisers of events in relation to Covid-related precautions was published. See here

Scottish Region - September 2021

The Scottish Region has quite a lot of unsold music from various rallies/ workshops. Most will be unused copies and the committee thought £2 per copy plus postage would be fair and for any marked copies £1 plus postage. See the list Music in the Furthe Advice menu.

Reverberations Editor - September 2021

The online version is now available - Here 

NEC July 2021

Parental permission forms for young people to attend ringing events and the use of photographs added

NEC - March 2021

Policy statements added; conflict of interest and integrity; gifts and hospitality