Symposium Japan 2024

Call for Music

Ring the Future 2024 - 21st International Handbell Symposium 12th–17th August 2024 Hamamatsu, Japan

Each of the participating Handbell Guilds at the Symposium is asked to provide a piece of music of their choice for Massed Ringing. The Officers of HRGB would therefore like to invite members to nominate a piece of music to be played at the Symposium. These will be forwarded to a judging panel to select the piece to be used.
Criteria for the music:

  • 1. The piece should be 4–6 minutes long.
  • 2. The music should in some way reflect the themes of the Symposium.
  • 3. The music should be up to level 3/3+ on the American grading system for handbell music.
  • 4. Details should be given of any extra requirements for performance, eg brass instruments, singing choir and percussion.
  • 5. Original composition is encouraged. However the music may already be published. HRGB will not be offering a prize for the selected piece. However any piece will receive sales to Symposium participants.
  • 6. The composer or nominee of the selected piece may be offered the opportunity to conduct the music at the Symposium.

Four copies of the nominated music should be sent — only one of which should contain the name of the composer. These should be sent to Christine Reid before 1st April 2023. Please email for the postal address.