Vaughan Evans Fund

Vaughan Evans Bursary

The fund was set up in memory of Vaughan Evans who died in 2007.  Vaughan had been a devoted supporter of HRGB serving in all three of the Officer’s  posts as well as leading one of the country’s large teams of handbell ringers, St Wulfram’s, Grantham.

UK Bursaries and International Bursaries are available to suitable applicants.   

UK Bursaries     

  1. Two Bursaries will be offered biennially.
  2. The Bursaries will be offered to young ringers from the UK who are in full time education.
  3. The ringers selected must have shown ability to ring in both massed and team situations.
  4. The young ringers will be nominated by their Regional Committee and their applications forwarded for decision to a Selection Committee set up by the NEC.
  5. The region must be able to provide a chaperone for delegates under 16.  The chaperone may or may not be a delegate to the event but must be in attendance whenever the delegate is participating in the event.

The Bursary will cover the cost of the delegate fees and music for the event but not the cost of travel to and from the event. The Bursary will not cover the cost of the chaperone.

Expectations of the Delegate

  1. The delegate will be expected to attend all ringing sessions.
  2. The delegate will be expected to provide a report, to be published in ‘Reverberations’, of their experiences and the benefits they feel they have obtained from the experience.

To Apply for the Bursary

Complete the application form available from Regional Secretaries of HRGB (or downable - see bottom of page) and send to the National Secretary of HRGB.  

The Process

  1. The Regional Committee shall identify a potential nominee for the Bursary.
  2. The nominee shall complete an Application Form for the National Event (eg the National Rally) and submit the application to the National Secretary 2 months prior to the closing date for applications for the event.
  3. The National Secretary shall review the applications and ensure that sufficient information is presented for review by the Selection Committee.
  4. The Selection Committee shall review the applications and approve the nominations.  This committee will consist of the Young Person’s Rep on the NEC, the editor of Young Vibrations and the National Secretary.
  5. The nominees shall be informed of the result of the review and the successful applicants shall receive a voucher to the value of the delegate fee and music for the event they wish to attend.
  6. The nominees shall complete the registration form for the event and submit the form along with the voucher in lieu of payment of the delegate fee.
  7. The Registrar for the event shall accept the application and pass the voucher to the financial controller of the event who shall submit the voucher to the National Treasurer along with the final accounts for the event.
  8. The nominee shall be regarded as a normal registrant for the event and shall receive all relevant information about the event.