Find a Team

Want to Join a Handbell Team?

The handbell is an amazing instrument.

It is easy to learn how to ring and tunes can be rung successfully by novices very quickly. If you are thinking about joining a team, you need to be aware that there are many differences in ringing styles, types of music used etc. so the 'nearest' team may not be the best one for you.

Some will use the English ‘off-table’ style while others will ring ‘in hand’ or 'off-shoulder'; many will ring from staff notation (so you may have to be able to read music or at least be prepared to learn) while others play from numeric or alpha notation - or perhaps even from a single central score.

Some teams will use bells, others handchimes or Belleplates®  – or perhaps a mixture of instruments. Even if you find a team whose style and music suit you, it may be that they are part of a school, church, U3A, WI or similar organisation and have restrictions on membership.  Or, of course, they may not have a vacancy at the moment. 

But don't despair, you can try several teams and perhaps even start your own group.

Teams can be formed using as few as eight bells, or up to seven octaves - eighty-five bells! Membership can range from small family groups to the biggest teams with sixteen or more ringers, spanning the whole age range - you are never too young or old to join in!

A wide repertoire of music is available including both classical and popular pieces, themes from musicals, films and shows, as well as original pieces written especially for handbells.

To see if there is a team near you go to our Team Map and contact the Region in which they are situated; many teams have their own website or Facebook page - see here.

If you are interested in finding a team, please contact the National Secretary, or the appropriate Regional Secretary and they will try to find a suitable group of ringers in your area.