Welcome to Handbell Ringers of Great Britain                         HRGB is a Registered Charity No: 298945 (England) SCO38918 (Scotland)

The aim of the Society, which was formed in 1967, is "To advance, provide and encourage for the public benefit the art of handbell tune ringing in all its forms"

The Society presents to its members a wide range of activities and music designed to show the many aspects of handbell tune ringing.  We are a member of the National Federation of Music Societies (Making Music)

We are organised into 8 regions giving access to a nationwide network of handbell ringers from all walks of life and of varying abilities. Each region holds rallies where teams have the chance to ring individually or to combine to ring the same piece of music in 'massed' ringing. Workshops are also organised in the regions for teams to try out other ringing methods or techniques.

A National Rally is hosted by a different region each year. This may be either a one-day or a weekend event, which usually culminates in a concert by some of the participating teams. Residential ringing events (National Residential Ringing Week and UK Bronze) give an intense experience for established ringers.

HRGB a member of the International Handbell Committee and is one of eight countries to host the International Handbell Symposium which is held every two years giving members the chance to visit Japan, Korea, Australasia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and America to meet and ring with handbell teams from these and other countries.

Above: Lasting friendships being made in Canada

Handbells are one of the world's oldest instruments yet the handbells used today are sophisticated precision instruments which produce a beautifully rich sound. And handbells are very much a visual instrument too as audiences enjoy the synchronised movement of the shining handbells.

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Handbell music examples: Bach Air in D, Galveston and Rolling in the Deep