HRGB Promotions Ltd

HRGB Promotions Ltd is s company limited by guarantee and was incorporated in 1988 as a vehicle for organising the international symposium in Exeter,  The surplus from this event created the initial pool of funds held by the company.

Since 1988 the company has:

  • Contributed to the costs for the HRGB official representative and HRGB massed ringing conductors attending international symposiums
  • Funding the UK hosted international symposiums
  • Funding national rallies where the contractual obligations of these are best handled within a limited liability framework
  • Collection and remittance of funds relating to the HRGB member group at international symposiums

An amendment to the company's memorandum and articles of association in 2002 ensured that the directors of the company (and therefore the trustees of the charity) are the officers for the time being of HRGB.

Financially the company is a 'subsidiary' of the society and the company's accounts are consolidated with those of the society.

Day to day operation of the company is through the Company Secretary of HRGB Promotions, currently Mr Roger Lazenby