Diary Dates

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many events planned are being cancelled or postponed please check the information shown below with the organising Region.

Items underlined and in bold have a link to further information.

September 18 SE

Invitation Rally, Meonstoke

October 2 Nat

NEC on Zoom

  10 EA

Prepare for Christmas, Horringer

  16 NE

Autumn Rally Ecclesfield

  16 WM/SW

Joint Rally, Churchdown, Gloucester

  23 Online

Webinar - Arranging Handbell Music

  30 SE

AGM Sanderstead

November 6 NE

Autumn Ring Bingley

  20 SE

SERBO Audition

  27 WM

David Williams Memorial Workshop, Hallow

December 4 (tbc) Online

Webinar  - Phrasing


January 29 Nat

NEC on Zoom

February 5 (tbc) Online

National Virtual Massed Ring

  25-27 WM

Bells Beyond Belief, Worcester

March 12 (tbc) Virtual

Webinar - Conducting Expectations

  19 EAR

AGM and Rally Elmswell

  26 Nat

NEC on Zoom

April 8 - 10 Nat/NE

National Rally and AGM, Sheffield

  23 SE

East Kent Rally, Headcorn

May 7 EA

EART Concert (Venue tbc)

  8 SE

SERBO Concert, Harleqin Theatre, Redhill

  14 NE

Spring Rally and AGM Grassington

  21 EA

EART Concert (Venue tbc)

June 4 EA

EART Concert (Venue tbc)

  11 SE

Festival Service, Guildford Cathedral

  18 EA

EART Concert (Venue tbc)

  19 WM

Workshop Hanley Swan

  25 Nat

NEC on Zoom

August 2 - 6 International

20th Symposium, Nashville, USA

October 1 Nat

NEC on Zoom




UK Bronze


February   Nat


April 14 - 16 Nat/SC

National Rally and AGM, Stirling


April 6 Nat/EM

National Rally