Booking Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (pdf version)

Booking and Cancellation Policy

This policy applies to HRGB members as they apply to attend HRGB national events and to non-members of HRGB as they apply for HRGB events which they are permitted to attend.

Booking an Event (using agreed HRGB booking procedures)

Any HRGB event booked should be paid for in the following way:

  1. Deposit (£50 minimum) at time of booking (whether booking form submitted via post, HRGB Events Website or otherwise) to secure place. This deposit is intended to cover HRGB administrative costs and non-refundable deposits (e.g. for venues) and is therefore non-refundable. A place will not be secured until the deposit has been paid and can therefore be taken by someone else until the time that payment has been made.
  2. Full Balance to be paid no less than 65 days before the start of the event. If after this time the balance has been not been paid then the place(s) can be re-allocated to another person(s) subject to their immediate payment in full. The deposit would NOT be returned to the original applicant but any over payments would be returned.

Non-Show, Postponement and Cancellation

Through action of the participant

  • If a participant asks for their place to be cancelled more than 65 days before the event is due to start, they will forfeit their deposit paid as explained above.
  • If a participant asks to cancel their place less than 65 days before the event is due to start then they will forfeit the full balance of the event UNLESS a participant can be found to replace them, in which case they will forfeit the deposit.
  • If a participant fails to show at an event, for whatever reason, without letting the organisers know beforehand, they will have no entitlement to any refund from the organisers.

If an event is postponed by HRGB

If an event is postponed by HRGB then the following practises will apply:

  • Monies will be held by HRGB until a revised date for the event is issued.
    • If then the participant can still attend then the money will be used for that event.
    • If the participant cannot attend for any reason they will be entitled to a full refund.

There will be no expectation that an amendment of the cost of attending the event will be issued and any increased costs incurred will be absorbed by HRGB.

  • If the event is subsequently cancelled then a full refund will be issued in accordance with the Refund Policy (below).  If a participant wishes, monies can be held by HRGB for any other (future) event with refund. 

If an event is cancelled by HRGB for whatever reason then the following practise will apply:

  • Participants will be entitled to a full refund in accordance with the Refund Policy, or monies can be held with consent of the participant for any other (future) event

Any refunds will only be up to and including the value of the published event prices, with no further liability accepted for any other out of pocket expenses (i.e. travel, additional hotel bookings)

HRGB strongly recommends that adequate appropriate insurance is obtained by participants, especially non-UK attendees.


Refunds will be always issued in the following ways (based on the original payment method):

  • Debit / Credit Card                          Refund to same card (actioned via WorldPay)
  • PayPal                                             Refunded via PayPal
  • Cheque / Cash / BACS                   Cheque issued to participant

Version Control: 1.0.         Dated: July 2020