How to Log In

Logging In to the Members Area

Access to the Member's area is only available to current HRGB Members

The system will check the following against the data held on the HRGB Membership database and User Account:

  • your email address
  • whether your membership is current
  • your User name and Password

This information is taken from your membership signup or renewal form. 

Email address - please tell the Membership Secretary if you change your email address. If, when logging in, the system does not recognise your email address please notify webadmin. Please note it is only possible to have one login account per email address; members sharing the same email address (eg husband and wife) will need to decide which member will have the login account and adviise us accordingly.

User name -  the format of this is important; usually it is your first name+second name without a space, eg RobertSmith. As with the email address, the User name must match the information given to us on the membership signup or renewal form, so in this example RobSmith or BobbySmith would not work. If you find the length of the User name inconvenient (eg ElizabethMacFarlane) or would prefer a different User name, contact webadmin who will change it to an agreed alternative.

Password - You can set your own memorable password.  If you do not yet have a password when you want to log in, select Register a New Account (the link is beneath the Log In panel).  Register with your User name (see above) and email address. If you have difficulty setting a password webadmin can set a temporary one for you which you can change once logged in. If you forget your password go to the Log in screen and select Forgot your password? (under the main panel) and a new one will be emailed to you.

CAPTCHA - Tick the Captcha box and, if prompted, answer any verification question (Captcha protects the site by determining whether or not the User is 'real' - ie human - or a SPAM robot)

Log Out - At the end of your activity you can log out - but this is not necessary. If it's your own private computer, then just leave yourself logged in and all the member's menu items will be displayed whenever you visit the site - and you will save yourself the bother of logging in each time. 

You can Log In here.  If you have any difficulty at all with logging, in please email webadmin who will be glad to assist.