International Bursary

HRGB International Bursaries

  1. HRGB offers two bursaries of up to £1000 each year, one to an HRGB member who wishes to attend an overseas handbell event, and one to a member of another guild who wishes to attend a UK event. 
  2. Applications may be made at any time (no formal deadlines) to accommodate short-notice announcements from other guilds.  The applications will be considered by the four officers of HRGB, who will then make recommendations to the full NEC, including recommending one application above others when multiple applications have been received. 
  3. A majority vote of the full NEC is required.  This may take place by email if the time-scale is short.
  4. No bursaries will be awarded to any person who has been in receipt of an HRGB bursary, or an HRGB expenses claim to travel to a handbell event in a different country from their own, in the previous five years.
  5. Successful applicants’ responsibilities to include: - (i) in any press or other interviews, acknowledge HRGB support; (ii) write a piece for Reverberations describing their experience and how they have benefited.

These bursaries should not be used for attendance at international symposia, only for national events at which ringers from other countries are entitled to attend.